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Working Together to Tackle Trends and Challenges in HCIT

Volaris Group, home to 150+ vertical market software businesses, is built on a foundation of collaboration and learning. Our continued success relies on our ability to elevate best-practices and learn from each other as we advance our business goals in an increasingly complex market. By working together, our business leaders can effectively tackle trends and challenges in the Healthcare IT (HCIT) industry to make significant business improvements.

Below, we highlight a few ways that businesses in our healthcare portfolio have addressed industry trends and challenges in recent years.

Challenge: Help Desk Support

There are times when a resource is needed in one of our business units, but it does not require hiring a full time or even part time employee. There is a need to address an occasional spike in activity, which may not be based on a predictable workflow. This was the case with Clarity Group, an incident reporting software tool that helps providers with reporting, claims management, patient safety, and risk quality safety consulting. Clarity Group needed some support for internal help desk requests. We found that there was bandwidth among another business unit, Criterions, in this area, which allowed us to share the resource and better allocate expense based on true need.

Challenge: Improving Interfacing Capabilities

Sansio, an EMS software provider, is required to provide numerous interfaces from their system to a hospital’s EMR. Interfacing is also a core part of medaptus’ business, as they are a revenue cycle management software provider. When Sansio was in need of interfacing support, they decided to have a call with key staff at medaptus to talk about the ability of leveraging the development team at medaptus and cross charging the work. Michael Melville, Group Leader of Volaris’s Healthcare portfolio, says, “This prevents Sansio from having to hire their own team of interfacing staff and allows us to leverage people we have within our portfolio who have bandwidth to support this initiative.”

Trend: Developing New Ways to Engage with Patients

The healthcare industry is ever-changing, but for many software businesses, COVID-19 put unexpected pressure to quickly adapt to the new normal and help patients safely meet with healthcare professionals. Clarity Group, a business that was acquired in the midst of the pandemic, had to swiftly update their standard form submission to meet the demands of COVID reporting. With support from Volaris Group’s network and best practices, the team was able to turn around the updated forms in less than two months. They forms can now be very customized and the team developed a whole part of their system that is based on COVID reporting and COVID forms. Michael Melville says, “The ability to react to changing market demands if important in any business, but especially so in healthcare when faced with a global pandemic. Clarity Group did a great job listening to their customers and finding new opportunities for back to base selling.”

Criterions, provider of EHR and practice management software, also had to make enhancements to their product offerings. The biggest challenge was updating the patient portal to ensure patients could check in and fill out required forms remotely This allowed doctors and office staff to limit physical contact during check in while ensuring a great patient experience.

Trend: Improving Mobile Availability

All businesses in our healthcare portfolio are required to be accessible on different types of mobile devices. This is critically important in the industry so that patients’ medical records can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Michael Melville explains, “Ten years ago, it wasn’t like that. Most information was typed into a PC; nobody was using a phone and very few people were on tablets. This transition has happened quickly in the last decade. As new devices with different ways of accessing medical records become available, we have to ensure patients data is being maintained securely while we are keeping up with the times technologically.” With the support of Volaris Group, businesses like Criterions, Clarity Group, medaptus, and Sansio have continued to invest in mobile environments within healthcare.

Trend: Focusing on Interoperability

Interoperability is vital to the businesses in the healthcare portfolio at Volaris; it is imperative for these healthcare systems to talk to each other. An example of a business in our portfolio that does this well is Sansio. They have the ability, by using a third party vendor, to have a patient’s medical information downloaded immediately into the Sansio system on the back of an ambulance. This is a great feature in cases where an incident happens out of state; the medical staff will know your healthcare history as well as any medications or treatments that have been prescribed by your primary doctor. This helps doctors anywhere treat you an uphold continuity of care. Michael Melville says, “Interoperability and the immediate access to data is the biggest trend in healthcare. That’s what we keep driving towards as software businesses in this space. The goal is that no matter where you interact with the healthcare system, there are no blind spots.”

An important factor of any software business is staying on top of industry challenges and trends. By being a part of Volaris’ Healthcare portfolio, leaders gain insights from others in their field to help support their business goals. To learn more, check out the following resources:

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